ecogard On-The-Go hygiene buddy – all-in-one hand sanitizer, surface disinfectant, deodorize freshener and stains remover
ecogard All-in-One Natural Hygiene care protects you & family safe and healthy everyday
ecogard HOCL attributes - pure, safe, natural hygiene goodness with none of the bad, protect you and family the nature’s way


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I’m your new hygiene buddy!

Perfect size that fits in your pocket, clutch and bag snuggly

Pure, safe, natural Next-gen hygiene solution with superior sanitizing, disinfecting and deodorizing performance to keep you clean and safe all day long.

Functions & directions:

A versatile all-round hygiene solution for use as:

 Skin care sanitizer

  • Gentle on skin for all ages, safe for babies, kids and pets
  • Skin pH-balance, rinse-free, purify, refresh and moisturize hands instantly
  • Spritz on hands, rub thoroughly for 20 secs, leave to dry
  • Ideal wound care for minor cuts and scrapes

 On-the-go disinfectant

  • Highest safety-and-antimicrobial performance to keep you safe from pathogens attack, fomite transmission and risk of infection
  • Disinfect your personal belongings, high-touch items and surfaces, and PPE, leave to dry or wipe clean after a minute
    • phone, wallet, purse, bag, keys, remotes, face mask, face shield, handles, door knobs, switches, buttons, keypad, tables, chairs, toilet, faucet, public transport handrails, steering wheel, petrol nozzle, ATM etc.

 Natural freshener

  • Odorless, free of harmful fragrances
  • Apply on shoes, stench clothes, yoga mat, gym bag etc. to alleviate foul smells and deodorize smoke odor to freshen the air

 Stains remover

  • Spritz then wipe clean to remove organic stains on surfaces and out of clothes in case of spill


  • Keep you and young ones safe from alcohol dry out skin, chemicals irritation, toxics poisoning and health risks
  • 100% safe for all ages, eye irritation, skin irritation and acute oral toxicity tested safe, the ideal sanitizer hygiene solution for children.
  • Free you from harsh chemicals, harmful toxins, allergens, neurotoxins and carcinogens in conventional hygiene products
  • Eco-friendly, no harmful residues or disposals, zero pollution and environmental impact.
  • Reusable and refillable solution helps minimize single-use and disposable plastic wastes, is economical and turns you into an eco Star who protects our planet.

Product specification:

  • REFILL ME! ultra fine mist atomizer spray
  • 50ml (1.69 fl oz) capacity
  • Stylish ergonomic design
  • Perfect on-the-go size for your active lifestyle
  • Built to last for repeated refills
  • Quality made to preserve hygiene solution efficacy.
  • REFILL in 3 seconds
  • Part of REFILL for Life program, redeem spoiled replacement parts for FREE with eco Star rewards
Let’s adopt safe, green and good hygiene practices.
Join our REFILL ME campaign today! Good health, save more and love earth!

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