ecogard Personal Care Bundle
ecogard Personal Care Bundle
ecogard Natural Hygiene Solution
ecogard Next-Gen Hygiene Solution
ecogard True Clean solution (home care)
ecogard Next-Gen Hygiene Solution
ecogard Next-Gen Hygiene Solution
ecogard Covid-19 solution
ecogard NO nasties guarantee
ecogard safeness and performance
ecogard safeness and performance
ecogard Covid-19 Sanitiser
ecogard safeness and performance
ecogard eco refill solution
ecogard home care solution

Personal Care Bundle

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Begin your Zero Waste, Non-Toxic, Clean Home journey today!

In the Box

1x Skin Care Hand Spray
50ml / 1.7 fl oz

1x Natural All Purpose Cleaner
300ml / 10.1 fl oz

1x Eco Refill Station 5L
5 litre / 169 fl oz

Product description

ONE natural and sustainable solution to replace toxic household cleaners, sanitisers, disinfectants, air fresheners, fabric sprays, food wash, stain removers and laundry sanitisers altogether!

All-natural, effective rinse-free formulation with superior cleansing and purifying performance against germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi.

100% peace of mind clean and safe for you and your loved ones.

  • Naturally clean, sanitise, disinfect and deodorise in one-step without harsh chemicals, toxic fragrances, harmful residues and VOCs
  • Exceptionally versatile for home care, personal care, pets care, air and fabric care
  • All-in-one natural power formulation that revolutionize cleaning experience simpler, faster, cleaner and safer
  • Superior antimicrobial performance that drastically improves hygiene throughout the home and everyday life
  • Effectively remove organic stains, foul smell, mold, mildew and prevent growth of harmful microbial
  • Instantly sanitise and disinfect to eliminate harmful pathogens and prevent infectious diseases
  • Organic clean fresh produce (fruits, vegetables & meat) to eliminate bacteria, contaminants and prevent food borne diseases
  • Purify and decontaminate indoor spaces to create fresh air, eliminate odours and protect against airborne diseases
  • Refills 100x Skin Care Hand Spray or 42x Baby & Kids Natural Spray or 17x Natural All Purpose Cleaner

Protect you feel clean feel safe everyday.

    Skin feel

    Clean, fresh, non-sticky, non-drying. 

    Gently care for your skin, no gloves and PPE needed for cleaning.


    Odourless, no harsh chemical smell or toxic fragrances.


      Pure HOCL & Purified Water.

      100% ingredients transparency, NO chemical nasties.

      Safeness & Performance

      99.99% 4-Log reduction, kills pathogens and Covid-19 virus.

      Does NOT release and leave behind toxic substances, harmful residues (on surface or skin) and VOCs.

      How to use

      • Refill your favourite cleaning kits or personal care spray, apply generously onto surfaces or hands to purify and refresh, allow to dry or wipe clean
      • Spray or soak to food wash organically, allow to dry or rinse clean with purified water
      • Pre-soak laundry to disinfect, remove organic stains and foul smell
      • Purify and decontaminate indoor air with ultrasonic humidifier or ULV cold fogger. Recommend 15 minutes for each space (do not mix with essential or fragrance oils)

      Note: Refill into opaque containers. If using transparent containers, replace solution after 7 days.


      Designed to minimize carbon footprint and single-use plastic waste, 100% recyclable materials & packaging solution.

      Kinder to you & our planet.

      Free shipping (for West Malaysia)