ecogard RM1 refill hygiene solution protects you clean and safe all day long against pathogens and Covid-19 attacks
ecogard All-in-One Natural Hygiene Solution protects you and your loved ones feel clean feel safe everyday
ecogard HOCL attributes - pure, safe, natural hygiene goodness with none of the bad, protect you and family the nature’s way

Fight Covid Bundle #1 - RM1 Refill hygiene solution

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Together we can end Covid-19

Protect you and your loved ones safe and healthy the nature's way

ecogard back you and our communities with RM1 refill hygiene solution to battle against Covid-19 the natural, safe and healthy way.

Tested 99.99+% of virucidal effect on Covid-19 by Korea Institute of Infectious Disease Control, and registered by US Environmental Protection Agency EPA as disinfectant for preventing COVID-19 infectious diseases.

In the Box:

1x On-The-Go spray
(50ml, 1.69 fl oz)

1x Eco Refill Station 5L
(5 litres, 169 fl oz)

  • Fight Covid-19 priced at RM100, limited time offer
  • REFILLS 100x On-The-Go spray! 
  • The perfect bundle to recharge your hygiene power everyday

Functions & directions:

  • One solution to fulfil all sanitizing, cleaning disinfection, refresh and deodorizing needs at home, workplace and commercial areas
  • Pure, safe, natural hygiene solution with the highest safety-and-antimicrobial performance
  • Replace ALL if not most of the chemical sanitizer, cleaning disinfection and air freshener products in your life
  • Ready to use, no more harsh smell, toxic fragrances, troublesome dilution, mixing, rinse-after-clean and PPE required
  • Highly versatile all-round hygiene applications:
  • Personal hygiene buddy – use as skin care sanitizer, on-the-go disinfectant, natural freshener and organic stains remover
  • Offers all-round hygiene convenience to keep you clean and safe all day long
  • Sanitize and sterilize – kitchenware, baby products, kids & pets feeding essentials, toys, learn-&-play areas, and personal hygiene, grooming and beauty tools
  • Clean & disinfect living area - spray, wipe, mop, scrub or rinse the way you like. Rinse-free, leave to dry or wipe clean, no harmful residues or hazmats disposal to deal with
  • Apply on all high-touch areas, hard surfaces, soft furnishings, furniture, appliances, floorings, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets and more
  • Organic food wash – soak or rinse to safely remove harmful substances and unpleasant smells from fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood
  • Organic laundry liquid – clean, disinfect, deodorize and remove stubborn stains at once without detergent and bleach chemicals
  • Air and space purification – use with spray, diffuser, humidifier or ULV fogger to instantly cleanse and purify your entire space to feel clean feel safe and smell fresh again


  • All-in-one solution to protect you and family all-round from harmful attack of pathogens, foodborne diseases, fomite transmission and risk of infection
  • Pure hygiene goodness with none of the bad
  • Care for your skin, care for your health, 100% safe for all ages
  • Ideal hygiene solution for babies, kids, pets and sensitive users for use on skin and in their environment
  • Free up harsh chemicals, harmful toxins, allergens, neurotoxins and carcinogens found in conventional products in your life
  • Keep you and family safe from chemicals irritation, toxics poisoning and health risks
  • Eco-friendly, no harmful residues or disposals, zero pollution and environmental impact
  • Economic smart refill system that helps to save, enjoy the best hygiene solution ever at a fraction of the cost
  • Perfect solution to minimize single-use and disposable plastic wastes, turns you into an eco Star who protects our planet
  • No more hiding away chemicals in the shelves or from the young ones
  • Revolutionize your hygiene experience, makes you fall in love with cleaning disinfection hygiene fun every time

    Don’t let your guard down; Don’t be the next victim of Covid-19

    Protect you and your loved ones safe and healthy with ecogard

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