Professional hygiene solutions

Different industries have different demands on hygiene management.

That is why ecogard develops a variety of economical bulk volume solutions for various economic sectors.

Our Next-Gen Hygiene Solution can meet the needs, interests, environmental and legal requirements of the following industries:

    • food and drinks processing
    • food service or catering
    • livestock farming
    • fruits and vegetable farming
    • healthcare and lifecare
    • hygiene sanitary cleaning services
    • cleanroom manufacturing
    • education institutions
    • bioscience R&D laboratory
    • infectious disease prevention

For industries, laboratories or public institutions demand for continuous hygiene solution production, we can provide ecogard HOCL generator (made in Korea) with SDS/MSDS and test certificates to fit your stringent requirements.

What's your hygiene application needs? Let us know below, our hygiene specialist will get in touch with you for further discussion.